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General Objectives
The Training Program enables trainees to gain knowledge in critical care nursing, midwifery, oncology nursing, and orthopedic nursing. Additionally, it provides trainees to develop nursing skills in caring for adult patient with critical conditions, pediatric patient with critical condition, mother and newborn, patient with cancer, and patient with orthopedic problems by applying nursing processes and nursing theories.

Specific Objectives
The training program aims at enabling registered nurses to:

  1. Analyze and decide in selecting appropriate nursing procedures for critical patients, mother and newborn, cancer patients, and orthopedic patients.
  2. Be efficient consultants in critical nursing, midwifery, oncology nursing and orthopedic nursing.
  3. Take a lead in the development of critical nursing, midwifery, oncology nursing, and orthopedic nursing in changing environments.
  4. Select clinical teaching methods appropriated to studentsí needs and background.
  5. Develop clinical teaching plans.
  6. Identify the methods and processes of nursing student performance evaluation
  7. Perform their tasks morally and ethically.


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